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My Brothers,

I know we all enjoy the fellowship we share while at meetings. Lets each try to reach out to a brother we know who hasn't been out lately. If we all can get one more brother active our members will enjoy coming out and helping out because it won’t be the same 10 or 15 people who always come out. We are a lodge of 200 members yet I only know around 50 of them. In the last 8 years I have seen brothers raised and then they disappear. We all need to reach out to them and find out why they don’t come back to lodge. This is our 50th year in our building lets try to make the sideline filled again as I am sure they were when it opened.

Fraternally yours,

Scott W. Daily, WM


Masonic Home Vist & Wheelchiar Push, February 14th, 2016

Brethren, February 14th is our next scheduled date for visiting the Masonic Home and helping assist residents getting to and from the two Church services.  Family members are welcome—so bring them out and make a family event of it. Please arrive by 9am.

Official Visit of the Grand Master, February 18th, 2016

Brethren, the Grand Master of Masons of the State of New Jersey will be in our District for an Official Visit and Open Reception.

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party - March 19th, 2016

The Fellowcraft Club is once again hosting their annual St. Patty’s Day party.  This is a great event every year, so make sure to put it on your calendar and get tickets for you, your family, and your friends (21 and over only).   Contact Brother Dave Lynch at for more information.

Emergent Communication—Fellowcraft Degree - Mar 3rd, 2016

We will be bestowing the FC Degree on Brother Entered Apprentice Stephen Paul Westhoven. Be sure to put this on your calendar and come out and support your officers and Brethren for this Degree.

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